I am the daughter of a king, wife of the most incredible man, mother of an amazing boy born from my belly and mother of two beautiful girls and one handsom boy born in my heart. I am an African loving, adoption advocating, orphan loving, holy spirit filled, Irish football crazed, Jesus loving girl on a mission to provide a family that is a living example of what God's love looks like. Undefined by size, color or nationality bringing glory to him one adoption at a time.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First week home.........

Well tomorrow it will be an official week since I kissed my daughter good-bye.   Not even sure how to begin to explain how that feels. I feel like I've been in a dream.  I feel like I wasn't actually there.  Like I just woke up.  Getting back into life here has proven to be far more challenging than I ever imagined.  My son and I have been catching up on some well needed mommy and son time, but it's like a day never passed.  We just picked up where we left off. 

Emotionally, I'm a wreck.  I cried in the grocery store because of all the food that I was able to buy and I know most people in Uganda don't spend that in a year.  I cried at the movie last night because I know the children of Africa don't have the opportunity just to go to a movie or even have fun like we do.  I cried driving down the road because there are no street children tapping at my windows begging for food and I wonder why do I live in a land that spares me from that? 

I feel like my heart aches for Uganda, not just because my Abigail is there but it just seems to ache for it.   My friend Nicolas explained how God uses his people through suffering and knowing that I'm positive he has amazing plans for the people of Uganda. 

I am glad to be home with my family.  I missed them so much its too painful to think about.  I love being able to be here and cook dinner for the family again, spend the afternoons with Nolan, go to t-ball games and just spend the evenings at home. 

With that in mind we are trying to prepare ourselves for the next step of the journey.  Jason will be leaving in the next 3 or so weeks to return to Abigail and wait until she can come home.  I am honored that God has chosen my family to endure this.  I know in the end we will have an amazing testimony and I will always remember to give the Glory to Christ our Lord. Praise Him!

Thank you Thank you for your continued support of the beads.  It has been nothing short of awesome!  You all have such a beautiful part of this adoption and I can't wait for Abigail to one day know all the blessing our family received on behalf of her.

In the midst of trying to adjust back to "normal" life and await the departure of my husband and the glorious arrival of my daughter I am comforted in the words of Paul, he tells us: "God is faithful, and he will not let you be tested beyond your strength but with your testing he will also provide the way out so that you may be able to endure it" (1 Corinthians 10:13).

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