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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Speak up, speak loud and be heard.

Happy Thursday!  What an awesome week.  We had a craft show last weekend and had an outpouring of love for our story and our beads.  As much as I love selling beads we have so much fun being able to testify to people and share our Abigail's story.  Caledonia was a great success and we pray for another weekend of spreading the word at Chippewa Valley High School on Saturday.

Last week Jason and I had so much happen!  On Tuesday we had our fingerprints taken.  No matter what anyone says, the people there were so unbelievably helpful and friendly.  They were just a pleasant surprise.  That is the LAST step on this side.  Now we wait for immigration.  And wait.  And wait some more.  And pray a whole lot!  And wait.............

Nolan was home sick with H1N1 last week.  That was by far the scariest thing I've ever been through.  I have never dealt with fevers so high and a feeling of helplessness all in one.  I just was beside myself.  With lots of prayer he has returned to school and is thankfully recovered.  

As our travels are aproaching my anxiety gets a little higher!  I have never left my son for more than 3 days and so this is a little overwhelming to think it will be for a few weeks.  The unknown I think seems like the scariest!  SO I'm trying with each step to give it ALL to God.  After all, this was a burning bush put before us by him and this has all happened for the glory of him so I have to completely put my faith and fears in him right now.  Easier said than done sometimes.  I'm a little bit of a control freak so sometimes letting go is a bit of a struggle for me :)

With this adoption and all the fundraising it has been my greatest hope to raise awareness.  I want to spread the news to all people that HEY, adoption can be for EVERYONE.  You just have to have an open heart.  That's it!  Jason and I get asked all the time if we can't have kids.  I think that people have formed an impression in their heads that families only adopt as a last resort.  When I tell them things like, "we're just chosing to adopt first" or "we put our own biological family plan on hold in order to adopt" they look at us like we're nuts.  I can't imagine having a family without adopting at least one or two.  It's always been in my vision since I was a kid.

Think of how many orphans could be saved if families could each adoption one.  There would be zero.  Sure, like have a child of your own is expensive, but so is the brand new cars people buy.  And the huge houses!  And you can be like us Fundraise and have lots and lots of faith.  He WILL provide.  That's what we've been going on!  When we think we're not going to be able to afford the rest, he provides and avenue for us to continue.

This entire thing is powered by his strength and we could NEVER have done this on our own.  He is an all powerful and amazing God.  The more I have faith in him the more he blesses my family.  The more I trust in him and give him control of my life, the more he blesses me.

Someone asked me the other day if I really thought that by talking to all these people about this adoption if I'd actually be able to convince anyone else to adopt.  They said "What if you talk to ten thousand people and only one person really hears you?"

First of all, I never want to CONVINCE someone of anything.  But if my story is a burning bush for someone else then that is simply God working through me.  I am only a vessel, it is his glory. If you know me, I have a voice, and it's pretty loud.  I'm not afraid to speak out or speak up and if I have to tell my testimony to ten thousand people in order to inspire one person, then it's the start of change.  It changes not only the life of the orphan, it changes their children and their children's children.  Look at how many people just one person can start with?
It takes only a small amount of people to really make a difference.  If you have a burning bush in your life or a testimony of how God is showing himself through you then tell people about it!  Speak up!  And keep telling as many people as you can.  "Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge him before my Father in heaven." MATTHEW 10:32

There are 6,796,450,643 if Jason and I can inspire one in ten thousand to adopt that would be 679,450 orphans.  Well we better get started, that's a lot of ground to cover!  Good thing we're a couple of talkers! The starting point?  Chippewa Valley High School.  I will continue to share our story, I will speak up, speak loud and I will be heard.

Please pray for our 2nd package of paperwork to arrive safely in Uganda.  It was shipped 3 weeks ago and we believe it is help up in customs.  We are hoping to get notification this week that it has arrived.

Have an awesome week and through all things look to him.

“We must become the change we want to see.”

Mahatma Gandhi

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