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Saturday, November 21, 2009

What does the appendix really do?

Well this is a week of testimony I tell ya!  I LOVE suprises but I'm not sure we were prepared for this one!

Last week we were over by Detroit for a craft show, met the most AMAZING people there.  We were able to share our story of God working through us and about our Abigail.  It was awesome.  We left feeling SO blessed and the blessing received on our website and email were truely inspiring.

About 2:30 last Saturday I had to leave the show and went to the car, I was buckled over in severe stomach pains.  I think it was the longest 3 hour car ride of my entire life home.  Every bump was agonizing. We instantly went to the ER upon returning and after a CT scan of my belly found fluid in my pelvis, the only option was to do "exploratory surgery."  That has GOT to be the worst feeling in the world.  I felt like OH MY GOSH, whats wrong with me?  Why can't they tell what's wrong?  What do they have to explore in there?  BUT I did get to go in an ambulance ride from Paw Paw to Kalamazoo when they transferred me for surgery to a larger hospital.  I've never been in an ambulance before so my son thinks I'm pretty cool now. :)

So here's the awesome thing.  The doctors went in, found fluid in my pelvis causing the pain, figured out why it was there, removed it, no big deal, nothing life threatening.  However, here's the good part, while in there they noticed my appendix wasn't "looking" right and took it out.  When the surgeon explained this to me post surgery he said even though the appendix didn't have to come out right then and there, it would have caused a lot of problems and may have needed had to come out within the next few months.

I was blown away.  Because over the course of the next few months I will be in Africa for 2 of those!  Can you imagine if my appendix had burst while in Uganda?  Do they take Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance there?  The answer to that is NO and the whole situation would have equaled NOT GOOD.  It was like God telling the me to let them go in and take a look.  He allowed a large amount of fluid in the pelvis, allowed a substantial amount of pain, although nothing that will cause me harm, and then eliminated any possibility of a ruptured appendix when I travel.  PRAISE GOD.  As badly as I have hurt this week I felt like this is an answered prayer.  Oh and let me say that I'm extremely grateful they were able to take out an organ I don't need!  By the way, What DOES the appendix really do?

The funny thing is that I have prayed and prayed and continued to pray that he not allow ANYTHING to get in the way of this adoption and I think he just eliminated another brewing obstacle :)  Only HE could have known my appendix was on the fritz because it showed NOTHING on the CT scan.  May we always be reminded that only he answers our prayers in his time and in his way and sometimes it's not in the way I expect and sometimes it's not in the easiest way either.  I am so blessed.

As far as me, I feel much better.  I ended up back in the hospital for 2 days but I'm on the mend now. Very sore as to be expected, they shifted quite a few things around in there so I still get tired easily.  I will be heading back to work on Monday and Jason will be manning the craft show in Plainwell alone tomorrow so I may still take time to recover.  We continue to PRESS ON in our fundraising efforts!  We're so close now!  I keep envisioning stepping off that airplane with Abby in my arms!

Update on our paperwork.  I am personally asking for prayers for our package that was mailed almost a month ago that still seems to be delayed in customs in Uganda.  I pray that it arrives and reaches our attorney as soon as possible as we are very anxious to get our court date for travel. 

As I have had SO much time on our hand this week I've had much time to reflect.  I am so GRATEFUL for a God that loves me unconditionally as I am so undeserving of this.  I am blessed to have a God that listens to my needs and knows when and how my prayers will be answered.  I am so blessed to meet people all over this state who have a heart for Jesus and live a Christ following life.  I am forever grateful to have a voice that continues to speak to people about our story and I can give God the glory for all of it.  I am grateful to live in a world where I do believe that good people prevail and the heart of the human spirit is open. 

I will continue to seek him in all that I do.  Thanks for all your prayers this week! 


But the needy will not always be forgotten, nor the hope of the afflicted ever perish.

Psalm 9:18

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