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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tigers Game

I literally found out this news as I was preparing this post.  There was a bombing in Kampala, Uganda today that killed 64 people.  http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/af_uganda_explosions  My stomach sank when I read this because it was at a restaurant called the Ethiopian Restaurant that was only about a 3 minutes drive from our guest house.  We drove by it everyday, in fact one night planned to eat there but never did.  I feel so sad for my Ugandan friends and I'm asking everyone to please keep them in their prayers.  I can't even begin to tell you how glad that Jason and Abigail are home right now.  It feels so strange to read about this place!  It was right near where we stayed, we ate at restaurants next door! I'm praying that God will be with them as they endure this horrible tragedy. 

OK, so here's what I wrote and the pictures I posted before I found out this sad news......

Well we took our first venture as a family out of town this weekend to a Tiger's game in Detroit.  Jason and I have SOOOO many Delta air miles that we decided that instead of using them on airfare we'd use them on hotels and take a few weekend getaways this summer.  It was SO nice and SO exciting for the kids.

It's funny because even though the kids swim everyday in our pool at home they were still excited to go to the hotel and go swimming in the outdoor pool!  Both the pools are the same depth but I think there's just something about being in a hotel that is fun for kids. 

We took in the Tigers game, GO TIGERS, ate, swam and had a good ol pillow fight. My kids love the song Jesus Freak by DC Talk so we were jammin to that the whole way up. It was so fun.

I posted plenty of pictures!!!

Such a tired girl. She fell asleep in the 5th inning.

She was really out here, she curled right up and slept

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  1. There's those faces I love so much! You guys look awesome as a family unit. So get this: I e-mailed Uganda right away to make sure everyone is ok. D e-mail back and said she and her man friend were supposed to go out to watch the game, but she got too busy so he said he wouldn't go either without her. The man they were supposed to meet was killed. I suppose there are many stories just like this....but wow. There is evil in this world.