I am the daughter of a king, wife of the most incredible man, mother of an amazing boy born from my belly and mother of two beautiful girls and one handsom boy born in my heart. I am an African loving, adoption advocating, orphan loving, holy spirit filled, Irish football crazed, Jesus loving girl on a mission to provide a family that is a living example of what God's love looks like. Undefined by size, color or nationality bringing glory to him one adoption at a time.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Be Still and Know

Hello Everyone! Every week I feel like I'm getting closer to bringing Abigail home and then I am reminded I am still a little ways away. Jason and I have had contact with her mother the last few weeks and her mother says she's so excited to come here. That makes my heart heart sing with gladness and it does not help the anxiousness at all! The courageous person in this entire story is Abigail's mother. I will never forget to honor her through this adoption. She is doing the most selfless thing for her child that a mother could do and I really want everyone to know that. She is truly the hero in this story. She thinks that her prayers have been answered because of us and we think ours have been answered because of her. I've been able to share with her pictures of our home, stories of our family and she has done the same. I thank God for her strength in all that she has been through and continues to go through. She suffers from health issues that cause her great suffering and I continuously pray that God will walk with her to help ease. She emails us and tells us that Abigail is so excited to come to America and meet her new family, that's pure joy for us to hear. I'm attaching a couple of pictures from a baptism last week! Mama U (Betty) as we call her was baptized again in Lake Michigan as was 3 of her children. Betty and Albert asked us to be God parents of her son Henry and we felt so honored. It was really quite an amazing experience. Pictures are below! We are almost done with the home study! The only thing left is our online class and we are ready to submit! I am SO grateful that we have been able to expedite this and everything thus far has fun very smoothly. We have really enjoyed the work we've done with our social worker and are eternally grateful for her. People have be overwhelming with their generously of this adoption. We have had people give us clothes, toys, one person that we didn't even know brought us a doll for Abigail. People keep asking how they can help and the offers are truly overwhelming. Perfect strangers have contacted us saying I want to help. This is a testament to the type of community, state and county we live in. There are such selfless giving people here and I feel so blessed to be a part of this large Mattawan family. Other than that life keeps moving forward faster than ever! It's hard to believe that school's almost here again. Nolan is very excited to be in Kindergarten this year! He's such a big boy now. He continues to constantly ask when his new sister will be arriving :) This journey is really an eye opening experience for me. When God says that he will provide, that means he will provide. Most of all he has provided us the spiritual strength to continue on. He has sent us people to help us spiritually and pray for us. Our greatest need right now is prayers. We ask for prayers for Abigail's mom for her courage and strength, pray for our government that the clearance with Homeland Security goes smoothly, pray for our attorney in Uganda that he can get all the necessary items needed without corruption, pray for Jason and I for strength when our patience is limited, pray for all of our Ugandan friends as they continue to help us with our journey and arrangements needed in Africa, pray for Betty and Robert's family that they will continue the good works of the Kalamazoo Prayer clinic and last but not least we ask for prayer for our Abigail that she may know in her heart that we are doing everything we can to get to her as soon as possible. We love you all! I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. - Philippians 4:13

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