I am the daughter of a king, wife of the most incredible man, mother of an amazing boy born from my belly and mother of two beautiful girls and one handsom boy born in my heart. I am an African loving, adoption advocating, orphan loving, holy spirit filled, Irish football crazed, Jesus loving girl on a mission to provide a family that is a living example of what God's love looks like. Undefined by size, color or nationality bringing glory to him one adoption at a time.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Then sings my soul.......

What an amazing day today! First off, God is so great! We got to meet an amazing young woman tonight named Brianna. We were so anxious to speak to her because she just got back from doing working in Nebbi, Uganda and spent some significant time with Abigail. I feel like I just want to grasp onto any story or minute bit of information anyone can tell us about Abigail. I couldn't hear enough of it. When we hugged her goodbye it felt like family, and knowing she hugged Abigail made it feel like for a tiny second we hugged Abigail too. What a blessing Brianna was to our day. I put her blog link on the side bar so if you are interested in seeing the school were she worked and the journal that she kept there. Secondly we got our t-shirts in!!!! I just love them! AND, we already have orders! WOO HOO. I am SO blessed to be surrounded by such supportive people. And last but not least we received information from our attorney in Uganda. Updates and more information leave such reassurance in my heart. :) I just feel so full in my heart. God has filled it with countless blessings today as he does everyday. If I could pray for one thing, it's that anyone else could feel the prounounce joy that I have in my heart. I truely truely am unworthy of such love and am constandly humbled by his glory. We love you all! In God is my salvation and my glory; The rock of my strength, And my refuge, is in God. (Ps 62.7)

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