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Thursday, February 4, 2010


With a very heavy heart I'm writing this tonight.  The United States Embassy has put a hold on all guardianship immigration visa therefore we are not able to travel to get our Abigail next week as we had planned.  There is some wordage issues that need to be resolved and thus far we have no time frame of when this could resolve itself.

As we were within days of leaving to get our daughter we are certainly devasted.  I feel a little kicked in the gut.  We started with a hopeful week knowing we were suppose to receive our court date and were hopeful of traveling next week.  In fact all of our bags are currently packed.  But I am also consoled because I know for all future families that the paperwork must be done perfectly in order to prevent children not being able to be adopted.

We know that this is in God's hands now and will continue to pray for guidance as we wait patiently for our departure.  We ask for as many prayers for all of the families affected by this.  I also ask for continued prayers for the United States and Ugandan governments to reach an agreement in a timely matter so that all orphans waiting for their families may be united with them.  I pray that Abigail understands we are doing everything we can to get to her.  I know in a few months this will be a time I will see this as part of God's plan and we will continue to seek our strength from him even though are we are broken today.

In Him,

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