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Monday, February 1, 2010

Still waiting.......:(  ALTHOUGH, it is indeed positive.  Last week our application was returned because we were missing one piece.  Now if this were to take place in the United States it wouldn't be a huge deal but since it was there I was a bit concerned.  It's not like you can fax paperwork or send an email and get an instant response.  All paperwork and request go up on the bus and then she walks 6 MILES one way with two children to pick it up.  Then she has to walk even more miles to get the required documentation.  Isn't that amazing?  I am continuously amazed at her strength in this adoption.  The Lord continues to raise her up.

Everything was returned last Friday and our application is now in the hands of the Ugandan courts.  Whew!  We are so close I can't even stand it anymore!

I am home nesting today.  My last day of work was last Friday and I must say it feels odd to be home.  Of course it's always sad to leave any place but to leave on Friday I felt extremely sad.  I have truely enjoyed my last couple of months and people have been so supportive of this adoption as it's gotten closer.  I'm glad that I feel a bit empty today, that's the way anyone would want to leave.

So today I dove right in.  I'm washing curtains, rearranging furniture, cleaning drawers.  My husband jokes that the house will be now organized military style. :)  I am type A after all.

THANK YOU THANK YOU for all of your continuous prayers.  I pray this week for continuous patience for ourselves as well as Abigail and her mother.  We're fighting like crazy to get to that little girl and I feel like it's just a little while longer.  I pray for my son as I sense the nervousness as we get closer and I pray for the guidance of our attorney and the judicial system of Uganda that we get a swift court date.

Have a blessed week!

In Him,


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