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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sick week

WOW, this has been the sickest week ever!  With my FAVORITE upcoming holiday this week we proved to have some challenges!

First off on Friday I had my 2nd sinus surgery.  For those of you that can understand what that's like uncomfortable doesn't even BEGIN to cover how I feel.  First of all people were meant to blow their nose. They just were.  I'm mean COME ON!!  Don't blow your nose until further instruction?  You don't realize how miserable that is until you have to abide by it. Horrible. Such a simple thing I will never take for granted.

On Sunday Abigail suffered her first bee sting, first episode of hives and her very first fever.  She was running around like crazy on Sunday and at dinner she looked 'three sheets to the wind' and BAM, she had a fever of 104.5.  After a cold bath, Tylenol and a trip to the ER the fever broke within 24 hours.  She was the hit of the ER :)

Last night I ended up in the ER overnight.  I picked up the stomach flu somewhere and at 2 am last night, BAM.  By 4am I felt like I had met my demise and I was positive I had taken off a minimum of 30 pounds.  Sadly I was wrong about that.  I'm sure the explicits of my bodily functions is not why you came to my blog this week so I will spare you the stories. :)  I had to have potassium and fluids and was booted home to recover.  So much for that flu shot.

On a good note it's Halloween this week and my family plans to be decked out in style :)  We decided this holiday will have the whole family involved.  Pets and all. :)  So here is to an amazing week of costumes, dress up and lots of candy!  Can't wait!

Back to bed I go!


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