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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What's in a name......

After what seems to be an eternity to decide Jason and I have FINALLY chosen the names of our two little ones joining our family.  We went back and forth as to whether we should change them at all but we felt as a family we wanted to do this for them.  That and we aren't sure if they have even gone their whole life with the names they are being called now.  We want them to have a fresh start.

We are still uncertain of their middle names, we would like to keep their African names as middle names as we did for Abigail.  We will keep with tradition and our two new children will have two middle names like Nolan and Abigail do.  

So here we go: 

Rebekah will the our daughter's name.  I love the biblical spelling of this name, although it's a little more common name it was a fitting biblical name for her.  It's also the name of a very special Ugandan who's had such a huge impact on our children and we thought it was perfect to name her after her.

Elijah will be our son's name.  Elijah was a prophet and when we saw the name we knew it was it, no hesitation, it was perfect for him.

So we will call them Rebekah and Elijah from here on, we are so excited to announce these names publicly and can't wait to bring our little ones home for good.  Our goal for leaving is March 1, our attorney I think would like it to be sooner but we are still finishing up our home study and immigration approval and raising funds!!  Selling beads like crazy to get there!  If God can get our immigration approval back sooner then I will be there sooner to get them!  The awesome thing is that I am leaving this in God's hands, he has always provided before and I know in his way he will provide again.  As always, His timing will be perfect.

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