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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Heavy Heart

Ohhhhhh it's with a heavy heart that I write this email.......
Our case will not be heard tomorrow. We found out today that the new judge hearing our case will only allow us to have guardianship of the children if we live IN Uganda for 3 years. We have chosen to withdraw our case to be reallocated to another judge. Living here 3 years is NOT the law in Uganda so we are shocked at the qualifications that he has issued upon cases.

I am leaving Uganda on Thursday night and Jason will be returning upon new of a new court date. This could be happening in the next couple of weeks but we are not sure. Please continue to pray for peaceful transitions and peace during our absense. I am simply at a loss for explanation or words at this time. I am tired and at this point I'm angry that we have been here so long and unable to bring these children home.

I am continuing to look to God for guidence and I will seek His Will in the coming days. For now I am just devastated as what we thought was an answer to our long awaited prayers was simply not. For now we will wait on Him.

Thanks for your prayers and fasting today on behalf of our family...

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